Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

Well on the heels of Wellness Wednesday I’m going to share a recipe. It isn’t really a healthy one but it is a delicious one! My husband loves down-home cooking. He especially loves fried green tomatoes. I personally had never made or even attempted to make them but found out that all you have to do is grab your tomatoes off the plant before they ripen and you have green tomatoes ready to go. This is actually perfect because recently it has turned a bit cooler here and our tomato plants have decided to grow tomatoes but not turn them before they die. So, I picked a bunch off and searched the internet for a tasty recipe.

I found one and added my own twist.

Fried Green Tomatoes



·         3 medium, firm green tomatoes (or as many small ones as you pick from your garden)

·         Salt

·         1 cup all-purpose flour

·         1 Tbsp Cajun seasoning (optional)

·         1/2 cup Almond milk (with ½ tablespoon white vinegar), regular milk can be substituted

·         1 egg

·         1/3 cup cornmeal

·         1/2 cup fine dry bread crumbs

·         1/2 tablespoon milled flaxseed

·         1/4 olive oil


1 Cut unpeeled tomatoes into 1/2 inch slices. Sprinkle slices with salt. Let tomato slices stand for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, place in separate shallow bowls: the flour and Cajun seasoning (if using), Almond milk and egg, and bread crumbs, cornmeal, and flaxseed.

2 Beat the egg and the buttermilk together. Dip tomato slices in the flour-seasoning mix, then buttermilk-egg mixture, then the cornmeal-bread crumb mix. TIP: Use a fork to move the pieces from bowl to bowl, if you use your fingers you end up with a huge mess.

3 Heat the olive oil in a skillet on medium heat. In the skillet, fry the coated tomato slices, for 3-5 minutes on each side or until brown. Set the cooked tomatoes on paper towels to drain.

The hubbs loves these!


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