Thursday, November 8, 2012

Large Photo Prints on the Cheap

I have a very talented sister-in-law (Jenny-my blog buddy) who takes pictures of me and my family. I wanted to get a couple shots blown up to put in the dining room as I’m changing some things out but I didn’t want to pay a ton for them. Jenny reminded me of something I saw on Pinterest; you can go to Staples and get an engineer print for very inexpensive (these only print in black and white). I got online and found that the size I wanted was not available in an engineer print and that the photo print was available (still reasonably priced) but had to be done in store. I went up to the store and talked to the very helpful lady in the print shop. She was able to print my 16x20 photos as engineer prints for $3.57! Awesome!!! One of them was a bit short on the sides because of the ratio but I could work with that. So I got my two prints and off to a local craft store. Of course you can always buy matte board but I was still looking to keep the cost of this project down. So I found some textured art paper in the paint section. It was $1.99 per piece for a 19x25.5 perfect.

I gathered my supplies at home and cut the photos down to size. Decided how wide I wanted my matte and cut down the art paper with my X-Acto knock off (this is a must have for your craft closet). Love, love, love the result and because I already had the frames this project cost me only $7.55.

Maybe you have a couple photos you want to “engineer.”

Happy Thursday!


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