Thursday, November 29, 2012

Merry n Bright - DiY Christmas Sign

The holidays are in full swing here in Conway. But unlike some crazy people who stay up to ridiculous hours of the night, I am taking a more phased approach (lol). We got our tree up and now I’m working around the house making and adding new things as I go. Of course every year my décor changes a bit with my style. Some things don’t come out of the boxes and some new things get added. This year I’m adding a few more hand-made touches. The living room arrangement behind the couch got a bit of a Christmas redress and for this particular spot I had in my mind a cute little sign. So, off I went to the storage shed for a couple pieces of scrap wood. I decided to use a couple pieces of old wood flooring that actually fit together which worked out perfectly.

I painted the pieces both white.


Picked a couple cute fonts and printed off the words. Cut them out so I could line them up.


I layed them on the boards and traced the letters. The scrap paper I used in the printer had ink on the back so it left a nice little trace mark for me to follow.

I painted in the words and added a little snowflakeish stencil in the middle to pull them together.

More handmade Christmas décor to come. Share with us the handmade touches in your holiday house!


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