Friday, November 9, 2012

Inspiration in the Mundane

There is still so much beauty in this world. However, I think it is all too easy sometimes to allow the ugliness to overpower it.
Our minds get cluttered, our hearts grow weary and sometimes bitter, and our focus becomes so blurred that we can no longer see the beauty that is right in front of us.
I certainly have had my seasons of blurred vision and those seasons are hard, but by the grace of God, I come out of them with much clearer vision. I see my Savior in all His glory and then I begin to see all of the beauty in His creation that surrounds me daily; the beauty that I often miss in the hustle and bustle of day to day life sometimes.

Oh, how I am grateful for the seasons in which He allows me to see and take it all in.
 This yellow bowl is almost always sitting on my counter full of apples. I walk by them, prepare meals on the same counter, even grab one and slice it and yet, I don't always recognize just how beautiful they are.
I mean, look at them. They are this amazing shade of red. And I absolutely love them paired with that yellow.
These lovelies came from my garden, just this week. I can't grow a good, strong garden during spring and summer months, but man, can I grow some goods during the cold months...without even so much as looking at the garden! Because it is not the right season, they will not ripen on the vine so we get to enjoy this awesome shade of green!
I love it! Can't you just see a dresser painted this color? Or even a pair of ballet slip on shoes! I would totally wear those!
Inspired yet?
Just like my bowl of apples, this bowl is usually full of bananas, lemons, or other citrus fruit. I love this robin egg blue so much and the yellow of those bananas is fabulous! We always have bananas and yet I don'y always notice how wonderful their  coloring is and how great it looks with that blue. Oh yeah, I want some yellow in my living room curtains to go with this blue that is already splashed in there!
You might be thinking, "potatoes, really?" Yes, really! Look at the texture of all of these veggies. I love the knots in the potatoes and that shade of plum, red and even pink in them. I have always loved the color of avocados and the rough, bumpy texture of their skin is truly beautiful. And we can't forget the sweet potato and it's lovely orange. Even better, when you slice these veggies open, their colors come to life even more!
These make me think of a good, warm woven knit blanket.
And much like my vegetable garden, my herd garden has also decided that it prefers to grow on it's own, with no help from me. Look at this oregano! There is no description needed, it is just so pretty!

I love how God not just made delicious, healthy food for us to eat, but he made them beautiful and pleasing to the eye as well.
I seriously want to paint and make something when I stop and truly look at my surroundings. And more than that, I just want to praise and stand in awe of their Creator....amazing.

Slow down. Open your eyes. Look and take it all in. Enjoy the beauty and be inspired.

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