Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Obsession With Asian Food

So, I am a bit late posting today. We have been partying, super hero style, around here today in honor of A.Vox turning 6 yrs old. I seriously cannot believe that he is already 6 yrs old.....sniff, sniff.
I enjoyed my morning cup of coffee in super hero fashion as well. I am also sporting my Wonder Woman t-shirt today too. I kind of dig Wonder Woman.
I will share more on our fun party with you soon, once I get all of the photos uploaded and catch a bit of shut eye!

For now, let's talk Asian food! I love it. I could eat it every meal, every day. I simply cannot get enough of it (hence the title of this post)  Really, I should just move to China. ;)
Lucky for me, my whole family loves it too. I do, however, try to spread it out a bit so they don't tire of it. You know, I have to be strategic and whatnot.

This is a little jewel that I found listed in a recipe online a bit ago but could not find it at the store. Well, while we were visiting friends in Texas, I found it at their local natural food store. And it IS a jewel when it comes to cooking Asian food. It just adds that flavor that seems to be missing otherwise.
Also, another little tip I got from my friend and fellow sunshine pal (Daspri), is sesame oil when making fried rice. Oh my goodness- it is a must have now!
It also adds that special flavor and now I am spoiled and don't want to make fried rice if I don't have sesame oil on hand. (which is kind of a bummer because one little bottle of the stuff is a bit pricey, but gold isn't cheap, now is it!)

Spaghetti Squash Asian Noodles-so yummy!
Miso Soup (with rice noodles)
We love this soup when we go out and eat.  I had really been craving it and decided I would just figure out how to make it. (I do this a lot....sometimes successful, sometimes not)
This time it was a success! Thumbs up from the hubs!

I will share these recipes with you soon, but first I have to actually figure out measurements and such for the recipes (you might need those).  I am bad about just throwing stuff in which makes for some great cooking surprises sometimes but not so great recipe sharing!

Have a lovely day friends!

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