Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holiday Traditions

It's that time of year again and we'd like to begin sharing some holiday traditions with you; some old, some new and some we'd like to do!
Today, I'd like to share our Fall Fun List with you.
We began this two years ago and it was a huge hit with the kids. I sit down with them at the table, pen and paper in hand, and they begin sharing some things that they would like to do to enjoy the fall weather (and our fall break from school).
Then, I grab some fun paper and make our fall list look cute before hanging it up. Last year, we hung it on the wall; this year it hangs on the fridge. They are always super excited when they see it hung up!
Next, we start having some fun and checking off our list!

I feel the need to explain a few items on our list. The first one "movie under table" is exactly what it sounds like! ha!  A year or two ago, I decided one day that I wanted to make a tent somewhere in the house for the know, with sheets and stuff like when we were kids. 
However, the child in me was having a hard time coming out to play and I could not figure out how to make those  silly tents in our home...everything kept falling!
So, I covered the top of our dining room table with 2 large sheets- so that they draped down covering all sides of the table.
Then I took it up a notch and set my laptop up on the floor, in the tent, and let them watch a cartoon too. They piled in with blankets and pillows and had a blast!

And two more quick explanations, I know that "fire camp" does not make sense and "camp fire" does but after much correction, they still choose to call it be it!
Lastly, I also know that strawberry milkshakes are not your typical way of celebrating Fall, but Baby Girl wanted that on the list so badly, that I could not turn her down.

Go make your list and start having some Fall fun! I know we will....smores over a fire camp are in our future tonight!

Happy Friday!

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