Monday, November 12, 2012

Super Hero Birthday Party

We celebrated one of my little boys 6th birthday this past week.  I truly cannot believe that my A. Vox is already 6 years many mixed emotions! He is such an amazing little boy and has brought so much joy to our lives. His tender heart, silliness, compassion and curiosity for nature and bugs just steals my heart. I love this kid!
He has been looking forward to his birthday for months now. Seriously, he has been counting down for months, which makes planning his party even more fun for me!
We partied "SUPER HERO" style, per his request.
We had his party on his actual birthday this year, with just a few of his close friends. They came for lunch, banana splits and lots of playing!
We had "Super Packed Protein Bites" (turkey sandwiches), "Super Strength Snacks" (baby carrots & String cheese), chips, and "Power Charge" drinks.
Mr. A. Vox  requested a build your own banana split bar instead of a birthday cake this year. Super fun!
This was definitely a hit!

The super hero symbols hanging from the streamers were drawn out onto poster board, colored, and cut out, by me.
The images on the black poster board I found online and my sweet grandmother printed them out for me. i then cut them out and glued them all to this poster board.

 I found the "zap", "pow", "bam", and "happy birthday" signs on pinterest, free printables! I had them printed, cut them out and then attached some of them to popsicle sticks to make little signs, taped some to streamers, and the rest to juice boxes.
More super hero images, because you can't have enough of those!

These were on the table. Check them out a bit closer....
Aren't these SO fun?! Again, thank you Pinterest. These were also a free printable. LOVE!
This fun banner hung on the other side of the room, over the sliding doors that lead outside. My friend Tabitha made this herself for her son's party and was sweet enough to offer it to me for our party.
I made these masks out of sheets of Stick-On Felt. There are three different styles of masks and even two hot pink masks for the girls.
They were super easy. I simply traced the mask onto the felt (two different pieces), cut them out, peeled the backing off of the felt, stuck them together, punched a hole (with my rotary tool) in each corner of the mask, and them tied some elastic on.
Now, I was pretty excited about the party favors this year! I have been wanting to buy some glass/porcelain paint pens for a while now. I found some on Amazon and decided to try it out on these clear glass mugs from Dollar Tree. If it worked, then we would have some super cool party favors and if it didn't, I wouldn't be out much money because I only paid $1 for the mug and I could always send the pens back.
Thankfully, they worked! The only disappointing part is that the pens are supposed to be dishwasher safe once the item is baked in the oven and the dishwasher destroyed the image of the mug I washed.
However, they are perfectly fine to hand wash. I have hand washed them MANY times already because my kiddos only want to drink out of these mugs now!
I think they turned out really fun and the kids really seemed to love them.
I filled them with "cocoa kryptonite", candy, and a super hero spinner.
*For the super hero symbols, I simply did a search on google so I would have something to look at while drawing them.

All in all, the party was a success and my big boy had a wonderful birthday!
 We had a super fun time!
signing off today,
Bat girl and Wonder Woman

Pinterest Links of Inspiration:

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