Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Traditions - What day is that again?

Well the holidays can be such a special time if you choose to make them so. Again, it doesn’t require a lot of money or fancy things. We have a large family. I am the youngest of 4 with three older brothers. We are all married with kids and when we gather with our parents, spouses, and all our kiddos there are 19 of us (this does not include any grandparents or extended fam). My mom started a great tradition but first let me give you a little back story. My brothers all decided they wanted to get engaged in about a 6 month swing. Then they all decided to go ahead and get married the following year in April, June, and July. It was a busy summer and new little families were being formed. As they holidays were approaching mom decided she wanted to change things up a bit. She wanted to be able to see us all and spend time with us on the holidays but knew how difficult it would be for everyone to get to in-laws and grandparents and other family gatherings all in one day. So, she decided it wasn’t about the day it was about the time spent together. Since that year we have always spent the holidays on an off weekend. That way we get time with both sets of family and we aren’t torn. This has been an amazing tradition. We get to spend a weekend at mom and dad’s all 19 of us crammed in their house playing games, giving gifts, staying up late, having a dance party here and there and just really getting that quality time we wouldn’t if we were so worried about the day and date on the calendar.

And of course since this is Keylee’s birthday week I have to share one more thing about my little bit. A tradition of sorts. Before she was born some ladies that Bryan worked with gave him a sweet little onesie and tutu for her to wear on her first birthday. So, I got it out on that day I pulled them out and snapped a few pics of her. I decided this year to try it again and made her a tutu and did a few similar pics so we could see how much she had changed. Take a look at how grown up she is now. Love her to pieces. I hope to continue this little tradition for years to come. The tutu might have to go at some point but hopefully I can still get her to hand me a leaf!
Happy Friday!

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