Thursday, November 29, 2012

DiY Christmas Star Tutorial & GIVEAWAY!

A  few days ago, I shared some Christmas decor and inspiration from our home. Remember the star made from branches?
Well, today I am going to tell you how to make this star.
 You will need:
pile of branches (the straighter the better)
needle nose pliers
wire cutters
floral wire

 Really, it is as simple as playing around with the branches you have and making your star shape. We just messed with it, grabbing different branches here and there, until we got something we liked.
Once you get your shape, you will need to cut small pieces of floral wire and wrap your branches at each corner and in the middle so that your shape holds while you add more branches.
Now, the star I saw on Pinterest was made with bigger, thicker branches so they stopped with just the outline which is also very pretty.
I just had something else in mind and luckily, my husband was on board to help me again! It was much more fun doing it with him.
Once you have your frame in place and held with wire, then you just start layering your branches on top of one another. They do not have to be the same length or size because you will fasten them with wire as well. I personally, like the more organic look.
See the coffee? That's how we roll around here.

And last, wrap your star with lights, hang it, plug it in and sit back and enjoy it's beauty!

Tomorrow is December 1st....let the festivities begin!
And we'll kick us off with a GIVEAWAY! I LOVE giveaways!
 One of our lucky readers will win this cute little bag full of goodies!
Tonight is our Dames of DiY Christmas party/craft night and these bags will be gifted to each dame that attends. So, we thought it would be fun to give one away to our readers too!

The bag contains gifts from:
T's Beads
Teapots and Robots
The Not So Blank Canvas
Circles of Sunshine (US!)

To enter: you MUST leave a comment on this post.

Want to know how to get more entries? Sure you do!

For extra entries:
1. Visit one of the shops listed above and leave a separate comment telling us your favorite item in their shop.
2. Share this giveaway on your facebook page and let us know in another comment.

*Each person can have up to 3 entries each. However, you must leave a comment for each.
The contest is open till Monday, Dec. 3rd at midnight. We will announce the winner in Tuesday's post!

Have fun!


  1. I visited "The Not So Blank Canvas" and love the "have yourselves a merry little Christmas" and also the "Weary World Rejoices" with the cute little star.

  2. Annnnd, I tweeted this lovely post. :)

  3. How fun and easy! I may have to do something like this for my Christmas decor:) And I'm excited about your giveaway! Good stuff!

  4. I also visited the notsoblankcanvas, which i LOVE. My favorites were ''the weary world rejoices''(with the star)and the one that says "abide".

  5. Shared on my FB page! Much love:)

  6. I am a do-do for not asking you about the class. I'm so sad I missed it. Ps: excited about the give-away.

  7. This is Sarah W, by the way...I also looked at thenotsoblankcanvas and really like the gray "It is well with my soul".

  8. Cute star! You are so creative!

  9. I visited the Not so Blank Canvas store and love the "The Weary World Rejoices" canvas with the star. Absolutely love the concept that in our weariness, Christ gives us rest and a reason to rejoice!

  10. I posted the giveaway on my fb page!

  11. I visited teapots and robots and loved the necklace "love without boundaries" very cute!

  12. I want to make this star with my granddaughter, not sure how much help she'll be though :) Very creative!

  13. I think it's funny that Sarah said she was a "do-do" as opposed to a dodo. She's got baby do-do on the brain.
    And yes, this is my official entry comment.

  14. I'm in love with thenotsoblankcanvas!
    My fave is the one that says "I have found the one my soul loves".


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