Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall is Here-Oh Happy Day (Holiday Traditions)

Fall is here, Oh happy day!
Yes, this is what the chalkboard in my kitchen says right now. Perfect expression of how this weather makes me feel.
So, we are talking holiday traditions, decor, and things around here these days and I have a few fun things to share with you today.
Remember our Fall Fun list tradition that I shared with you last week...well, we marked off a few more!
 We visited the pumpkin patch with my parents! I love the funky, out of the ordinary pumpkins!
However, I cannot get on board with these. They look sick and in need of a doctor or a chisel....something!
These were the lovelies that we selected to take home with us.

And this is what we decided to do with them....paint!
We planted some mums and put our pumpkins out for display....LOVE!
...we invited Daspri and her family over for some good ole' sitting around the fire time and Smores!
We're enjoying Fall around here!
What are you doing to enjoy this season? Please share with us. :)

Oh happy day!

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