Thursday, November 15, 2012

Birthday girl and DiY Growth Chart

As you saw from Tuesdays post Keylee had her big party on Saturday. Yesterday was her actual birthday and I wanted to do a couple fun things. So, we spent the day doing Keylee stuff. She woke up to a couple balloons in her room that I had ready for her to see first thing.
 I made a little measurement chart that we’ll be using every year, so we measured after we got dressed and then had a laid back morning and hung out just the two of us for a bit.
Then we went and picked up cousin J for a play date (this was a first time for this and she looooves J). We played outside, inside and ran around.  
Took J home and ate some lunch. Then we did a mini photo shoot (more on this tomorrow) and played outside some more. Key loves playing outside. Off to nap she went. Daddy would be home soon to join us for the evening. For dinner we had homemade chicken nuggets and French fries with lots of dipping options. Keylee loves to dip things. And what kid doesn’t love chicken nuggets and French fries. Dinner was a hit.
Then the finale, a movie and ice cream! Some play time and snuggles on a pallet of blankets on the floor while we watched our Veggie Tale adventure.
We had a great day and it was special but didn’t cost much of anything. Kids love your time more than any gift you could buy. So take some time for them.


Here are the images for the DiY growth chart. It is really cute and portable so if we ever had to move it we are good to go. You can find the pdf here.

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