Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DiY Jewelry Organization

I have been feeling pretty productive these days and actually tackling some things that I have wanted to get done for some time now.
Now, this is not always the case by any means, but man, does it feel good when it is!
One of the projects that I have wanted to get done is finding a way to hang my necklaces and get them off of the top of my dresser. I wish I had gotten a photo of my dresser before this project so you could see how ridiculous it looked! I literally could not see the top of my dresser because it was covered in an array of various necklaces and bracelets scattered about! It drove me nuts!
But I don't spend a lot of time in my room, so I would see it in the evening before bed and it would drive me crazy and then I would see it in the morning getting ready and it would drive me crazy, but then I leave my room and close the door, for most of the day.
This is what my dresser looks like now!
Woo Hoo! Organization makes me so very happy!
So, here's what I did.

First off, I apologize for these photos. My camera was acting up so I had to use my phone.
I have had this frame stored for a while now because the glass in it broke. I knew I would use it for something so I just hung onto it.
I was cleaning some things out one day and saw it and then it hit me!
I used:

-thick/heavy craft wire
-eye hooks
-wire cutters
-picture hanger
I simply used my hammer to tap on the eye hook to get it started, then I used my hand to screw it all the way in. I gets kind of hard towards the end, so you may want to have some pliers on hand to help you turn it.
I used a basic ruler to help me get the eye hooks on each side lined up. I used 6 eye hooks for this frame, making three lines of wire to hang jewelry on.
Next, I grabbed my picture hanger and hammer and went to work.
And lastly, I hung all of my necklaces up! I really love the result! It is simple and practical, which I LOVE!
I hung it behind my door because as much as I like the end result, I still didn't want it to be a focal point in my room.
This project literally took me about 10 minutes to do! It took me about three times that to go through, sort and hang my jewelry!

Here are some other fun ideas I have found on Pinterest for jewelry organization.
Lots of inspiration
Lovely Vintage

So, don't throw your old frames away! Share your projects with us when you're done too!
Have a lovely day!

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