Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bangin Style

So, I’ve gotten used to these new bangs of mine and have really enjoyed them. It’s been fun to do some different things with my hair. I don’t really do much drastic with my hair and when I’ve cut bangs in the past I usually just did a few to sweep to one side. These were a bit different and I actually went with a semi-full set.

Here are a few fun styles I’ve done:

Pomp with a side sweep

A little pomp and curl

Jenny also got some new bangs a while back and here are a few pics of her bangin do:

Straighten down
Curls please
Side sweep

The verdict is...bangs are fun, if you're looking for a change maybe you should get some!

Happy Tuesday,


  1. I have always had bangs so this makes me giggle, the thought of growing them out seems like such a big deal ...Whenever they get to my nose I think this is it I am gonna do it !! then I chicken out and trim them up :) your bangs look great! ~Love Heather

  2. so funny how little changes can be such a big deal to us! ;) I have had bangs many times before and I always love them. They just give my hair more style and cover up my big forehead! ;) I end growing them out either because they grow so fast and I don't keep them up or because I get bored and want change again! I do that often! ha!

  3. Heather,
    Thx! Just go for it if you'd like to change it up. Maybe next time you can let them grow down to your cheek!

  4. Lol, Jenny! You DO NOT have a big forehead.


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