Thursday, February 14, 2013

DiY Bucket of Love

Valentine’s Day is here! First, I must say that yesterday was my 7 year anniversary and I am so so so very blessed to celebrate the time I’ve had with my hubbs. He is truly an amazing man that teaches me more then he’ll ever know. I love that man! And just for fun here is a pic of us 7 years ago.

But Valentine’s Day can be fun for the whole family. Cause I know you all cannot get enough of your little loves. So, here is a fun idea for a Valentine’s Day bucket of goodies for your little bit. I picked up the buckets, play dough, sunglasses, crayons and markers at the Target dollar spot and the stickers and balloon at the Dollar Tree. Of course we had to make a bucket for our buddy Jens so she and Key each got one full of these goodies. Total cost about $8.

And don’t forget daddy needs a little love from his littles too. We did hand prints with finger paint to make his valentine. Cut it out and put a little fun saying on the back. Of course Keylee “signed” her name to make it a little extra special!

Remember to celebrate those you love throughout the year and make sure they all know how very special they are to you. And if you get a chance to show a stranger, neighbor, or a clerk at a store a little love today do that as well. Everyone loves chocolate!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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