Sunday, February 3, 2013

DiY Envelope Clutch

I love making, well lots of things but time doesn't always allow to make a project completely from scratch.
You can add your own touches to most things you can buy.
I had a sweet friend's birthday approaching and I still wanted to get her a little something more to go along with a necklace I had already made for her. She is a busy, on the go kind of gal and mom to two young boys, so I wanted fun but also practical.
I love fun and practical.
Who doesn't love a cute clutch?! You can grab it quickly as you run out the door or you can place your personal items in it and throw it in the black hole, commonly referred to as your diaper bag.
I got this khaki linen clutch at Hobby Lobby. It was plain but had great texture complete with lining inside and a magnetic closure.
I got out my box of fabric and ended up with this lovely combination. I love mixing colors, patterns, and textures!
I knew I wanted a pop of red in it somewhere and when I put the purple and red side by side, I was in love.
Now that you have your fabric choices, you will need to decide what size and shape you will be working with. I chose to go with a mod flower design.
Next, you will simply cut out your fabric.  I cut leaves from my red fabric and a portion of the floral design from my purple fabric. 
I put my design together and laid it out over a piece of gray duck cloth. I traced around the design and cut the duck cloth to serve as the backing and the border.
Now you'll grab your trusty sewing machine and stitch all the way around it and anywhere else you desire. I love to stitch within my design as well, adding more detail.
I chose to add a fabric rosette (in a lighter shade of purple) to my piece as well. Once I had finished sewing my design, I hand stitched the rosette on my piece.
Lastly, you'll heat up your iron and cut strips of stitch witchery to adhere your design onto your clutch.

I also added a dab of Fray Check around the edges of my design. I like the look of the frayed fabric but I also wanted to make sure that it would be nice and sturdy for lots of use.

Supply list:
stitch witchery
fray check

glue gun & card stock (if you are also making a rosette)

I really love the way it turned out! Now, I want to make one for myself.

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