Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

We started off our morning with some surprise treats! My sweet mom always had a little something waiting for us on the table Valentine's day morning. I remember it very well. She made us cards and had fun little treats picked out just for us. It meant so much to me and I still remember it fondly.

So....I am keeping the tradition alive with my little ones. They already look forward to it and remember the years past. :)
We don't spend a lot of money on things. I filled their bags with some things that they love and use often; glitter glue, paint by number kit, coloring book...things like that and all found in the dollar bins at Target. Oh, and of course, chocolate!
I also make them each a special card, which honestly, always seems to be the one thing they hang onto.
I always enjoy making their cards and thinking of ways to make them special and personal for each one.
I covered the table with white paper and added some hearts and a hand written message. It looks nice now and they can draw on it later! And we have a fun little centerpiece that is holding our plates, napkins, and treats for a little Valentine play date this afternoon.

After that, we'll gear up for our family Valentine & Birthday dinner tonight! It's party, party around here today!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband and daddy! I love this man a TON!
And a Happy Valentines Day to all of you!

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