Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Special Valentine Dinner-Celebrating with Kids

We don't go out on Valentine's Day anymore. We stay in and have a special dinner with our kids. It's so crowded to go out anymore. (wow, I sound old) And this day is about showing love to those in your life, right? I want to celebrate with my kids whom I adore.
Some sweet friends of ours have a big Valentine's Day feast for their family. They dress up and they serve their children. They really go all out. And one day, when my kids are a bit bigger, I would like to take our dinner up a notch but for now, it's pizza!
Not just any ole' pizza though. We eat heart shaped pizzas, drink rootbeer from fancy glasses, and enjoy chocolate covered strawberries and another special dessert in honor of my husband's birthday (which is also on this day!).
And......we do all of this at a nicely set table and candle light! That is my kiddos favorite part, the candlelight. They love it!

So, break out your fancy dishes (what are you saving them for anyway?), your table cloth, and your candles and celebrate with the one's you love!

Happy Valentines Day!!

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