Monday, February 11, 2013

Heart Strings-DiY Sewn Valentine Cards

Love is in the air...or so they say.
This is the month of love.
But shouldn't we love everyday?

I am always a bit conflicted with Valentines Day. I think our lives should be that of love; that our hearts desire should be to show love to those that God has brought into our lives. I am not a fan of the stores telling me that I need to buy all of their "stuff" to show love to people on this specific day.
However, I do love to make special things for people in my life. I love to celebrate people and life, so I choose to take advantage of this day as an excuse to make and find more ways to make those in my life feel loved.
Whether it is for Valentines day or any ole' day, these cards are sure to make your loved one feel special.

 Grab some cardstock, pretty papers in many colors and patterns, washi tape, and your sewing machine and make something special for your special someone.
I love mixing colors and patterns and I especially love working with a variety of materials and methods too.
Sewing paper is TOO much fun! I am in love with the look that the stitching provides.

Mix your papers and sew them directly onto your cardstock. You can cut out shapes (like hearts, birds, etc) from your paper and stitch around them.
This is not a project for the perfectionist in you....let her hair down for this one. The crazier you get with the stitching, the better it looks.
Let your imagination and creativity run wild.....and have FUN!

Have a LOVEly day!

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