Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Southwest Brunch Anyone? (another recipe)

Okay, I warned you with my last post that I get on a kick with certain flavors and ingredients and then it's "on" for a while!
So, if you enjoyed the last recipe, then I think you'll enjoy this one as well.

It's just as simple as the last recipe and just as delicious!
You start out with this
Dice up a couple of green onions, grab your skillet, fry those eggs, sprinkle on the seasoning, and add your green onions. Cook until eggs are done.
While you are frying the eggs and the onions....
prepare your corn tortillas.
Heat a skillet on medium high (no oil) and toss a tortilla in. Let it sit for a minute and flip it for another minute.
When your tortillas are done... an egg on top, a spoonful of salsa, some fresh diced tomatoes and fresh cilantro.
*you could also add some cheese and throw it in the oven to melt it for a few minutes.

Southwest Brunch
corn tortillas
diced tomato
diced green onions
chopped cilantro
garlic salt
chili powder
black pepper


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