Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Strawberry Syrup-Simple, Healthy & Delicious

As I began to make the pancake batter for dinner last night, I realized that we were all out of bananas and fresh strawberries. Oh no! What would we top our pancakes with?
We like fresh fruit, honey and sometimes even pecans on our pancakes around here.
I had almost given into the idea of just having pancakes and honey but I really, really wanted some fruit tonight too.

I remembered that I had a bag of frozen strawberries in the freezer and my wheels started turning.

I grabbed my Ninja and threw in some frozen strawberries with a bit of water too. I blended them until they were nice and smooth.
Then I took the thick mixture of strawberries and poured them into a saucepan. I added some honey and turned up the heat to med-low.
That's it! Strawberry syrup!
We do our best to avoid sugar around here unless it comes from fruit, honey or good, pure maple syrup so this was a fun surprise atop our pancake stacks!
The amount of honey really depends on how sweet you want your syrup. I just added and tasted and added a bit more. It didn't take much because the berries are already sweet themselves.

If you wanted the syrup to be thicker then you could blend half of the strawberries really smooth and blend the other half, leaving them a bit chunky. Or you could cook half of the strawberries in the sauce pan and then add the smooth mixture and honey.

I went for quick and super easy tonight but I may try cooking some of the berries next time.
Or not....because it was a HUGE hit just the way it is. 


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  1. I really like this idea! I've been wanting to make strawberry syrup, but kept finding recipes that call for tons of sugar. This is great!


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