Saturday, February 2, 2013

Making Time

Life is busy. Whether you are single, a student, a career woman, a wife, and/or a is busy. There is always something to be done and someone always needs something from you.

I am wife to one amazing man and mommy to four beautiful children. I am wife, mommy, teacher (we home school), daughter, and friend. I am overwhelmed most days with how blessed I am. God is good....too good to me.

While I am so incredibly thankful to be needed in so many ways by people whom I love so very much, sometimes, I need a little time to myself.
I think so many times, especially as mothers, we feel guilty for having time to ourselves. If your heart is in the right place, then a little time for yourself is a very healthy and needed thing.
It takes work, planning and effort sometimes to make it happen, but when I do it, I find that I am actually a better wife and mom for it. I feel refreshed and strengthened.

My heart is to be the wife and mother that God has called me to be; to love and support my husband; to love and train my children in His ways; and to be a blessing to all others that the Lord brings into my life, ultimately bringing Him glory.

Life keeps moving. Laundry keeps piling up. Dishes keep getting dirty. People keep getting hungry so meals need to keep getting made. The house will always need cleaning. The children will always want your time and attention and I always want to give it to them.
But sometimes, when I don't make that time for myself, I don't always feel like I have much left to give.

 A sweet friend of mine blessed me with this time recently. She watched all four of my children for several hours, during the day! I never get day time alone.......ahhhh, it was wonderful.
God made me and He made me creative. Now, I don't say that as talking myself up at all. People may or may not like what I create but nonetheless, I love to create things. My mind is always swirling with ideas of things to make and try. I could literally sit all day, surrounded by brightly colored fabrics, papers, fibers, metal scraps, sharpies, paints, etc.. and create until my fingers hurt! I love it! But not only do I love it, I actually need the time to be able to do it and use what God has given me.
Sometimes, my mind is swirling with creative juices, but my body is just exhausted. But I have learned that if I make the time for it, even if there is only time for a 10  minute project on that particular day, it is well worth it. I walk away from it feeling energized and instantly refreshed.

So, my day looked like this: Me sitting at my dining room table covered in art/jewelry supplies, worship music and Some Guy Named Robb blaring in the background, and a cup of hot chai tea and a bar of dark chocolate by my side.

I got to create until I had broken a few nails, exhausted my dark chocolate supply and then still had the privilege of tucking my kids in bed for nap time.

Pure bliss. :)

Make the time.

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  1. Oh I'm sure that must've been wonderful. I love having craft days all to myself!


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