Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Chip Nails

We’ve talked about nails. Painting them, decorating them, and even cleaning them. But I’ve recently found a new product that I am Loving! If you are like me, your nails last a day or two, maybe 3 if you are lucky (this is with an at-home manicure). And for me that can be frustrating because when I actually take the time to paint my nails it usually means I’m taking a break from crafting, cleaning, or something and I would love if the paint would hang around a while. I’ve found that a cheapy top or base coat or both can really cause that mani to jump right off my nails. But alas, I have found a great product that helps me and has held my mani (almost completely) intact for nearly a week!!!

This is a pic of my nails this morning after almost a week of wear. There are a couple small places but for the most part intact and lookin good.

This is the magical product (no, they are not a sponsor nor have they offered me money. I just wanted to share a product that is true to its advertised greatness).

Note: The top layer does dry to the touch in 30 seconds but if you push down or rub the polish the underneath layer is not quite dry yet and will pull or press down. It needs a bit longer to dry completely.

There you have it ladies, keep that mani going!


  1. Do you use this as a base coat as well? My polish always peels right off after a couple of days.

    1. I used a different base coat and this as a top coat. I found out a long time ago to always use a base coat. That also needs to be a good one. I use Sally Hansen for that as well.

  2. My polish always peels off! But that may be because I'm an avid rock climber. :/ Oh well!

    1. Well, I haven't tested it on rocks yet...lol. Not sure what would work for that!


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