Friday, February 22, 2013

Things We Love Kate Spade New York & Doodles Unleashed!

So, I have had a few books on my wish list for  a while now. I finally ordered a couple of them and when two of them came in the mail yesterday, it was like Christmas!
I am too excited to dive into these and to get my other two in the mail soon as well.

Things We Love by Kate Spade New York is pretty much a book full of inspiration; full color, full page photos that inspire. LOVE. :)

I cannot wait to sit down with Doodles Unleashed, my pens, paints and paper tonight when all of the kids are in bed. The author, Traci Bautista,  does amazing work and she basically teaches you some of her techniques while encouraging you to step outside the box and let your creativity, in the area of doodling and drawing, flow freely.

I ordered mine from Amazon. Check them out here and here.
I'll let you know just how great they are when I dive in later!

Have a great weekend!

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