Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DiY Manly Bouquet

It’s fun to find stuff to give or make for men. They aren’t always the easiest to buy or make for. Why not a man bouquet?

You need:
Pack of new socks (main was 5 pair, so 10 socks)
Small wooden dowels (as many dowels as you have socks)
Green paint and brush
Straight pins
A vase or jar (something you probably already have around the house)
Some rocks or filler
1.      Paint your dowels green and let dry (I used a floral foam block to hold mine).

2.      Fill vase with rocks or filler.

3.      Fold sock in half the full length and fold heal over to make a basically straight line.

4.      Put dowel on toe end and fold toe over onto dowel making sure it is tight and will hold.
5.      Roll entire sock onto dowel, pin, and place in vase.

Turns out pretty cute and what man doesn’t like something practical.


Valentine for Him


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