Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last Minute Valentine Idea-DiY

Yes, I know that Valentine's Day is tomorrow and yes, I am still working on making Valentine's for people. I have good intentions of getting a head start on things lately, but last minute just seems to be the nature of my life right now.
So.....I go with it.
 Adults can make and give Valentines too.
That's right, these are not for my kiddos or their friends....they are for my friends.
 All you need is:
large paint swatches
your favorite chapstick (one of mine is YES to Carrots)
washi tape
fine tip sharpie

You simply fold the swatch in half length wise (with the color on the inside of the fold). Then cut 2 slits (while folded).
Unfold, apply your washi tape, write your cheesy message, and slide the chapstick in!

I have Berry flavored and Mint flavored chapstick so my messages say:
"Our friendship was MINT to be"
"You and I were MINT to be friends"
"so BERRY glad we're friends"

I know, but I couldn't resist. :)


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  1. Super Cute~ Love this I think this would be a great craft to do with my Girl Scouts thanks for sharing Love Heather


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