Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DiY Valentine Fun For Kids

Daspri shared a fun DiY Valentine idea for little ones earlier this week. Now, I would like to share some more!
I love the cute valentine card ideas that I see everywhere for kids but I also really love to see what they come up with on their very own. I have some pretty creative kiddos and I love to find ways to encourage that in them when I can.

 So, we had a little Valentine card making party yesterday afternoon. While they were napping I got out all of the supplies for them; glue, scissors, scrap paper, card stock circles in bright colors, craft sticks, markers, colored pencils, heart stickers, red and pink cards, and their glitter paints. We do it up right around here!
I divided up some of the supplies and made them each their own little art station. The rest of the supplies were for all to share.
These little hearts were actually part of the rainbow garland I made for Baby Girl's rainbow birthday last year. I love recycling our supplies! And there's that lovely stitching that I love so much.

I gave them a few suggestions of what they could do and let them go. I absolutely love seeing their creative minds at work, as well as their big hearts. They love making things for people and they really put thought into each piece making it personal for each of their loved ones. Makes my heart happy and my mouth smile. :)

 I love what they did with the craft sticks! In case you were wondering, this beauty in the pink dress and the golden crown is me. :)

They made everything from princesses to ninjas.
Unfortunately, we waited a bit late to make these for some of our out of town friends to get them in time, but they will get them and hopefully feel all of the love that was put into making them.

What special things do you make/do with you kids for Valentines Day?


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