Thursday, February 7, 2013

DiY Valentine Fun for your Little One

Who doesn’t love getting things in the mail? I know I do and Keylee likes going to the post office to mail things too. We set off to do a little Valentine project and share the love.

1.    Take some blank white cards and cut them in half.

2.    Grab some construction paper and cut out fun shapes.

3.    Get the glue stick in your little one’s hands and let them glue the shapes on the cards (you can talk about shapes and colors while you glue).

4.    Stamp (we used cookie cutters and paint but you can use stamps and ink too) a few fun stamps over the glued shapes.

5.    Add a little message from your little bit.

6.    Get a few bubble envelopes and you can even let your little bit help address them.

7.    Put in their Valentine’s and add some kisses.

8.    Head up to the post office and mail them off (never hurts to drop a few kisses with the postmaster, they love treats too)

Of course you can let them add stickers or markers and crayons or glitter to their Valentine’s cards (just make sure they are age appropriate).

TIP: We always put down a disposable table cloth and “borrow” one of daddy’s old shirt to wear as a smock when we are working with paint or messy stuff to make clean-up easy.

Have fun and brighten someone’s day with a little thoughtfulness. You could even slide one in a neighbor’s mailbox!



  1. Looks fun! We will have to try this with our little nephew. Thanks for sharing!

  2. cute.. we did something similar. we exchanged valentines with kids in the neighborhood.. but via mail. So everyday we'd get a new little card in the mail.


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