Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DiY iPhone Exercise Armband

Jenny mentioned to me a little problem a while back…she couldn’t find a case that would hold her iPhone in its case while she ran on the treadmill. Most cases require that the phone come out of its case and she didn’t want to do that every day. She kept trying to come up with solutions but really wanted an armband and all the other solutions weren’t working out (plus there was talk of a fanny pack as a last resort and I couldn’t have that). So, I set out to fix her up. I made her this armband out of some leftover chevron duck cloth and a stretch sock.

You’ll need:
iPhone in case.
Material of Choice
Slicky Material (Similar to a plastic tablecloth but thicker. This helps the phone slip in and out easier -optional)
Sock (coordinating color or pattern if possible)
Sewing Machine

In advance sorry about the lack of pictures, I was in project mode and failed to snap many. Also, I’m trying to write directions by memory so I hope they aren’t too difficult to follow.

To make:

1.      Take your iPhone/iPod in its case and measure by folding the material over the phone and leaving a extra on each side for a hem.

2.      (Optional if you don’t have or don’t want to use this linning)Cut another piece the same size out of the slicky material.

3.      Laying the two pieces of material with the chevron on the outside and the slicky on the inside, fold the top over twice and hem.

4.      Then fold them in half. Stitch around the outside edges on the sides and the bottom. Turn right side out.

5.      Take the sock and wrap it around your arm so that it is stretched pretty snug and won’t slide while you are exercising. Once you have your measurement cut the sock. Then bring the two ends together inside out and sew them together.

6.      Stitch the sock loop to the back of the pocket with the loop seam against the back of the pocket. Only stitch the top and bottom but do not stitch the sides. This allows for a better stretch when pulling it onto your arm.

7.      Stitch the two pieces of Velcro on either side of the opening.

This is Jenny sportin it during a workout!

Pretty simple project really. I’ve added a couple additional links to a couple other tutorials. Enjoy!


No Sew Tube Sock Version (this one is quick and easy with one cut and a fold)

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